Better Explorer

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A fast alternative to the Windows file explorer


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Better Explorer is a file explorer alternative to the classic Windows explorer, that adds new tabs and bars to the interface in order to increase the effectiveness and usefulness of your search results.

Better Explorer's tabs don't have a keyboard shortcut, but they can be opened with a single click on the Better Explorer icon, though unfortunately it's not possible to copy files between this explorer and the default explorer. The Better Explorer start page is capable of managing, copying, moving, renaming, and deleting any file you select, be it one-by-one, or all at once.

Through the sharing section, you can compress your files to make file transfer faster, and share them with different networks.

Viewing options contain commands related with how you view your files, with the ability to switch between styles, manage available columns, and order and group your content however you like.

Better Explorer is also compatible with multiple tabs, just like a web browser, so that you can maintain several folders open at the same time. This makes moving files between folders even easier, since all you need to do is open your destination into a new tab, and drag and drop your files into it.

This is definitely a better file organizer and manager than the one that comes with Windows by default, and a tool that will help you save time by getting work done and searching your files in a much more effective manner.
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